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Oct '11

On the Way Home: Rwanda

I’ll be back in Boston this time tomorrow after a too-short visit to Cambodia. On the way I stopped at the OpenMRS Implementers conference in Kigali, Rwanda. OpenMRS is the open-source medical record framework that I’ve been using at the children’s hospital in Cambodia. They host an annual conference for everyone who’s using or developing […]

Jun '11

Touch a Life

My friend Michael asked me what was the most surprising thing I’d seen in Cambodia.   The thing that made the deepest impression on me was to see what  hunger and poverty really looks like.  That’s not surprising – hunger is one of the oldest problems – but it was very humbling. On one particular […]

Jul '10

Volunteering? Sure about that?

A life coach once told me about a client who thought he wanted to travel extensively. In the end he discovered he enjoyed planning trips, not taking them.  With that in mind, I researched international volunteering  before I applied. Here are the three I read most closely. Reality Check: Volunteering Abroad is one of several […]