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May '12

Ravens on the Hill of Tara

We climbed the Hill of Tara, old seat of the kings of Ireland. There’s not much left of it but steep concentric rings… … and the Stone of Destiny. We passed through a church yard en route from the parking lot. I recorded a snippet of the raucous ravens. (Click for MP3.) They had a […]

Sep '11

Frog Songs

It rained all night and day yesterday, which was enough to bring back flooding. It’s amazing how quickly it recedes when the ground is still saturated. On Wednesday night the road was hidden under calf-deep water. On Thursday it was down to large puddles. The frogs are pleased with the situation. Frog songs

Nov '10

Soundbite: Wedding Music

It’s wedding season. What I know so far is that weddings are two days long, during which a lot of music is played on speakers. Weddings are held at the bride’s house. The ceremonies start bright and early at 5AM with traditional-style music. Later in the day it switches to more romantic, modern music. I’ve […]

Nov '10

Soundbite: The Rubbish Man Cometh

Rubbish collectors carry a squeaker to announce they’re passing down the street. They all have the same squeaker, which fits over a bottle. They collect different things, but I’m not sure how to tell who collects what. You can hear the squeakers all day long. I caught this sample with my iPhone on a relatively […]