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Jun '12

Adventures in Neuroplasticity: Driving in Ireland

Mom and I wanted to visit Clonmel, where my great-grandparents were married. After researching train schedules I chose to rent a car. Driving on the wrong side of the road was challenging but worthwhile. One school of thought says to rent an automatic to keep things simple. The automatics that were available were four times […]

May '12

The Debt Crisis in Ireland

Almost every lamppost in Dublin had a poster about Ireland’s May 31 election about adopting the EU austerity measures. Most had two signs, pro and con, referring to it either as the “financial stability treaty” (YES) or the “banker’s treaty” (NO). What’s it all about? For your convenience, here are overviews in a variety of […]

May '12

Ravens on the Hill of Tara

We climbed the Hill of Tara, old seat of the kings of Ireland. There’s not much left of it but steep concentric rings… … and the Stone of Destiny. We passed through a church yard en route from the parking lot. I recorded a snippet of the raucous ravens. (Click for MP3.) They had a […]

May '12

Snapshots from Ireland

My mom and I spent a week exploring Ireland and tracking down family. Stay tuned for some highlights.

Jun '11

Outside the Louvre

  In the Louvre courtyard there are five granite pillars.  The natural inclination is to stand on one to have your picture taken.  It was like watching planes land at a high-traffic   airport.  As soon as one was free, another person took the spot.  

Mar '11

Leftover Photos from Bangkok

Here are some overlooked photos from my Bangkok trip. Wat Pho is a very old temple next to the Royal Palace, a collection of little buildings and courtyards covered in mosaic. The layout was a hodgepodge, but that made it more fun to stumble on each new section. It reminded me of the mouse house […]

Feb '11

Photo: Praesat Preah Vihear graffiti

I have a soft spot for graffiti. It’s like a message in a bottle. This was scratched in the stone next to some steps. There was plenty more, but this was one I could read.

Feb '11

More Photos from Preah Vihear

This corridor ran along the library, back in the day.

Feb '11

Preah Vihear Temple, a Century-Old Argument

Preah Vihear temple has been in the news lately as Cambodia and Thailand exchange gunfire. Prasat Preah Vihear is significant both as an archaeological site and a longstanding point of contention between the two countries. Although the recent outbreak was sudden, it’s another in centuries of disagreements. Prasat Preah Vihear is one of the most […]