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Oct '10

My New Flair

My backpack does an admirable job, but sometimes I don’t want to tote around luggage. I went shopping for something less utilitarian. I knew about Bloom Designs before I arrived. I found the owner’s blog when I researched Siem Reap. Bloom makes funky bags from recycled materials. Part of the company’s mission is to create […]

Oct '10

Book List

I’m staying in one place for the next several months, so I brought some hardcopy books. If I had to carry them from place to place, it would be a different story. My suitcases were pretty full though, so some books stayed home. These books made the final cut: Cambodian for Beginners was the first […]

Sep '10

Meet, Plan, Go event – September 14

Briefcase to Backback is a site about planning career breaks and sabbaticals. My trip is a de facto career break, even though I’m volunteering in my field. Briefcase to Backback has some good advice on planning my return, like how to find a job while on break. I’m not thinking about that part of the […]

Sep '10

Heat Preview

I’m taking advantage of the heat wave to test drive my new wardrobe.   Siem Reap’s climate averages in the low nineties ( low thirties in Celsius) year-round.  It’s a good time to check my clothes. I’m advised that standard dress in Cambodia is more modest: long pants or knee-length skirts, and no sleeveless shirts. […]