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Oct '10

Pragmatic Germophobia: The Verdict

As I mentioned, I tried Daniel Pink’s suggestions for germ-free travel. I felt like crazy hypochondriac lady smearing bacitracin in my nose and wiping the tray table with antibacterial wipes. I did it anyway, discreetly. I’m still healthy after two weeks. It took three flights, four airports, and thirty hours door-to-door to get here. Mr. […]

Sep '10

Pragmatic Germophobia

I get sick when I travel. There was the bronchial infection in the Cotswolds, when I learned dentists carry good travel meds and I’m allergic to penecillin. The stomach virus in Seattle passed quickly, so to speak. And I had a wonderful excuse to practice Japanese in Tokyo. Me: EXCUSE ME! Pharmacist: Hai? Me: I […]

Jul '10

This day brought to you by Science

One of the goodies the travel clinic gave me was typhoid vaccine pills. I feel a knee-jerk pang horror when I hear ‘typhoid’.  There’s typhoid in my fridge, next to the butter dish.   Reason explains calmly that it’s inactive, perfectly safe, backed by years of scientific research.  Instinct replies if Reason likes science so […]

Jul '10

Mt. Auburn Hospital Travel Medicine Center

My first visit to the travel clinic.