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Mar '12

Travel Planning Links

Mom and have started trip planning. I wish I’d known about these last time. Membership Has Its Privileges My to-dos include renewing my passport. AAA give members a free set of passport photos, which cost between $10 and $15. The clerk snapped a great photo, one I won’t mind having for the next ten years. […]

Sep '11

On the Road Again

Back to Siem Reap for a month. I’m in pretty good shape for 26 hours of travel and an 11 hour time zone shift. I couldn’t follow Daniel Pink’s recommendations for jet lag. The darkened cabin on the trans-Pacific flight was too soporific to resist. I was more successful when I shotgunned movies on the […]

Aug '11

Meet, Plan, Go 2011

I’m honored to be on the panel of Boston’s 2011 Meet, Plan Go. MPG encourages people to take career breaks. They host an annual nationwide in the autumn, and free local meetups through the year. MPG’s 2011 event will be held on October 18. Several cities will squeeze in at least one local meetups before […]

Jun '11

June in France

On my way home, I’m spending a month in France with a French family. Way back in September, I attended  Meet, Plan, Go in Boston.   Meet Plan Go encourages people to take career breaks.  For their first event they hosted panels of speakers in thirteen major cities on the same night.  Only two weeks […]

Oct '10

Most and Least Useful Items

I’m surprised by which items I packed are the most and least useful. Most useful: the headlamp. I thought it was a silly bit of overpacking. So many travelers swear by headlamps that I brought one along. It lives in my purse. So far I’ve used it when the fuse in my hotel room has […]

Oct '10


I arrived at Siem Reap at 10:30PM. This was shot with my iPhone as I headed inside. The picture quality is terrible, but it matched my state of mind after 24+ hours on the road. I’m indebted to the nice Canadian couple who loaned me their pen to finish my visa application. The customs staff […]

Sep '10

Phones, Redux

Parking my phone number has been the peskiest chore. I spent a lot of time this week trying to remain an AT&T customer. I thought I could move my number to a Go Phone. I’ve been satisfied enough with AT&T, and figured it would be smoother to transfer within one vendor than switch. Not so. […]

Sep '10

A Taste of Autumn

There’s a little list of things I want to do before I go. Most of them have to do with autumn. Autumn is my favorite season. I’m sorry I’ll miss it. I got a taste of it this weekend when I visited friends in western Massachusetts. Here’s a maple on Mount Skinner in Holyoke. Mount […]

Sep '10

Cheerleading Week Continues

Cheerleading Week report

Sep '10

It’s Cheerleading Week

Three events to boost my excitement levels.