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Jun '11

Ramping Up on French History

Since I’m only hear for a month, I need to learn history quickly. I’ve been enjoying Yale’s online recordings of French History Since 1871.  It’s available through iTunes. HistoryTeachers fills in the gaps for earlier events. This adaptation of a Lady Gaga song is a whirlwind overview of the French Revolution. See if it doesn’t leave […]

Jun '11

The Jerry Lewis Question

In French class we spent an hour talking about cultural stereotypes.  Each of us shared stereotypes about our country, and stereotypes our country has of France. I recounted this at dinner with my Famille.  Feeling bold, I asked “Well, what about Jerry Lewis? Is it true he’s really popular here?” Oh yes. Really? Really?? It’s […]

Dec '10

Chasing Tum Teav

Tum Teav is a traditional story of doomed romance that everyone reads in school. Where can I read the gory details in English?