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Sep '11

On the Road Again

Back to Siem Reap for a month. I’m in pretty good shape for 26 hours of travel and an 11 hour time zone shift. I couldn’t follow Daniel Pink’s recommendations for jet lag. The darkened cabin on the trans-Pacific flight was too soporific to resist. I was more successful when I shotgunned movies on the […]

Jul '11

Everything Old is New Again

What a pleasure it is to wear different clothes after nine months of the same things.  Everything in my suitcase is on an extended time-out. My favorite clothes got packed away last when I left, which means they’re the first to be unpacked.  As I go through the bins, there’s a steady refrain of “I […]

Jul '11

Back in Boston

It’s wonderful to be home. I grinned like a fool when I  heard a Logan employee with a Southie accent.  Ten steps beyond the luggage pick-up I passed a Dunkin Donuts. There have been a few double-take moments as I readjust to the States. I was upset to be swarmed by mosquitoes. Then I remembered […]