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Dec '11

Next Year in Ireland

Mom’s bucket list includes visting Ireland. Thanks to the Travel Hacking Cartel’s advice, I accumulated enough frequent flier miles for a ticket. We’ll go in the spring when it’s warm.

Any recommendations from your own travels? Our only plan is to visit Tipperary, where my great-grandmother was married.

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  1. Kayte Says:

    Re: Ireland – Adam and I traipsed around just about the whole island for a week and a half several years ago, so I’d love to share our experiences with you. The simplest, tourism one is this: While the Dingle Peninsula is lovely, it’s also FULL of the giant beetle buses that eat your car and all the people riding in said same buses. There are several other peninsulas along the same area of coast, so if the goal is the scenery, I’d pick one of the others. Also, the crafts, food and view are all less expensive off Dingle. Finally, if you have your heart set on seeing Dingle, be sure to drive in the correct direction around the point. There’s a route that the tour buses take and to drive “up stream” takes a steady hand and the towns are actually keyed to be either up and going or taking breaks (and therefore closing for tea) based on the usual travel schedule. We started at the southern entry and spent the day dodging beetle buses and waiting for shops to re-open.

    My two cents.

    Other than that, we can talk about what kinds of things you want to see and make some suggestions. Architecture vs art vs nature vs ruins vs food etc…