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Archive for April, 2011

Apr '11

Hail, Brittania

Molly Malones Pub hosted a viewing party with their projector. The time difference worked to our advantage.  The wedding began at Pimms o’clock, just after work. The Pub drew a respectable and enthusiastic audience.  Tiaras were encouraged. A  group of seven year olds, dressed for tea, honked little new years horns from time to time.  […]

Apr '11

Mango Bonanza

The mango tree in our yard has produced dozens of fruit. The landlady has set out trays of mango puree every day to dry in the sun. The mango leather will keep for months in the refrigerator. I’m told the same is done with bananas. The local variety is small and sweet. They go bad […]

Apr '11

Seasons Turn

We’ve been sneaking up on rainy season. Over the last month the river has crept above the mud line, and the grass has turned from parched to green. We suddenly switched from occasional sprinkles to real rain. There were two large storms last week. The second was so loud that it woke me up at […]