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Archive for August, 2010

Aug '10

Slowing Down Language CDs

The rhythm and shape of a new language is strange at first. Not only don’t I understand the words, I can’t get my head around where each word begins and ends. My MP3 player lets me repeat, but doesn’t slow down. Pimsleur language courses teach new phrases in chunks. After the initial repetitions, a couple […]

Aug '10

Khmer fonts for Mac OSX

It’s been easy to find Khmer fonts for Windows and Linux, but much more challenging for OSX. May these links make it easier for you. Nimol’s instructions for Mac installation are excellent. Nimol includes links to the font and keyboard layout files. The Multilingual Mac site took me to more goodies at Nokorsoft. The Khmer […]

Aug '10

Staying connected: keeping my phone number

Elizabeth at Go Green, Travel Green describes my experience with AT&T so far. I want to park my cell phone number somewhere so I can resume using it when I come home. Unfortunately, the cheapest iPhone plan is $30/month, and that’s voice-only. I’m not going to pay $240 for a plan I’m not using. I […]

Aug '10

Tell me how it’s done

Before beginning, plan carefully.  -Cicero There are a lot of unknown logistics behind wrapping up life here and starting it there. Once again, the library was my first stop. The Expert Expat: Your Guide to Successful Relocation Abroad is written by two self-described “diplomatic spouses with a combined total of 33 years of overseas experience […]